Sunday, 13 January 2013

How I achieve wavy hair..

Hello lovelies!

Today I'm going to show you how I get the most out of my wavy hair. My hair is naturally pretty much a mix of everything, colour wise and texture wise. Some parts of my hair, especially at the front are baby blonde and straight, whilst other parts are dark and curly, my hair just doesn't seem to make up its mind on what it wants to do!
So here is how I achieve my wavy look..
Firstly I wash my hair with John Frieda's Curl Around shampoo and conditioner, these are by far the best products I've used to de-frizz and define waves. I then towel dry my hair and turn my head upside down and gently scrunch all over my head, whilst using the diffuser of my hair dryer at a low heat setting. Apologies for the poor pictures, photo taking and blow drying are not the easier things to do together!





Once my hair is around half dry I'll turn my head back up and use some Umberto Giannini Curl Friends Scrunching Jelly, particularly on the ends of my hair, and continue to blow dry with the diffuser until almost dry, then I'll pop on few sprays of Umberto Giannini Natural Curls Styling Spray. I'll also use this as a quick pick me up through out the day.


*Quick tip* for an even curlier look, I'll put my hair in a loose plait over night, let down in the morning, and spritz over with the styling spray.

I hope this was helpful!
K x

Saturday, 12 January 2013

My everyday make up...

Hi all!
I thought I'd do a post today on the make up products I typically use everyday. During the week whilst going to work I tend it keep things fairly natural looking and simple, as time is very precious in the morning! But I'm also not one to divert too much from neutral colours anyway and nearly always wear a gold or bronze colour eyeshadow and nude lip. (Although red lipstick is definitely having a moment with me right now!)

So here are the products, as you can see quite a few of them are sample sizes because I like to try out products before I fully commit. Especially when they are a little more expensive.

I forgot to photo these but the first thing I use in the morning are Johnson's face wipes just to take off any excess make up. I then moisturise my face with Superdrug's Vitamin E cream, it's nothing too fancy but I've been using it for around two years and it really suits my skin. I then put on a small amount of Benefit's "that gal" face primer to set my make up and apply my foundation(s).
Currently I'm using Max Factor lasting performance in 100 fair, as it's one of the few foundations that is light enough for my winter skin tone, and occasionally I'll mix it with my Clinique Superbalanced Foundation in alabaster.
Next I'll try to tackle my stubborn under eye circles with both YSL's touche ├ęclat and Soap & Glory's "trick and treatment". I know this product is a bit of a miss with some beauty bloggers, but I actually really like it and finds that it hides my dark circles well. I then apply my blusher which currently is "life's a peach" by Sleek, and lastly Benefit's High Beam to illuminate my cheek and brow bones. 
Next I'll fill in any gaps in my eyebrows with the HD brows kit and move onto my eyes, where I've been using the "nude on nude natural look kit" from NYX. It's got some lovely golds and bronzes in it which is perfect for me. Then I'll apply a sweep of gel eyeliner, my current favourite is from Collection (2000) and then lastly, I'll curl my eyelashes and pop on "bad gal lash" mascara from Benefit.

*Make up tools used= Real Techniques buffing and contour brushes, Max Factor blusher brush and No7 eyelash curler*

Here is the finished product, a definite improvement from the starting look, and only takes around ten minutes. Please excuse the hat hair in the last photos!!

Kelly x

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Giveaway winner announced!


...and the winner is: **Nicole from coleoftheball**
I'll pm you shortly sweetie.

Thank you to everyone that entered, hopefully I'll get the chance to do more giveaways in the future.

Kelly x

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

**LUSH giveaway!**

I'm very excited to announce my first giveaway!! I'm so grateful to have reached 100 followers and wanted to give something back to you all. I honestly wish I could give something back to everyone for all your lovely comments and encouragement. When I first started this blog my initial reason was to create something for myself that I could look back on, so to have this many people actually interested and following me is amazing! Thank you!
So here is the prize and let me tell you it smells SO good! It's the 'Sweet Christmas' set from Lush and contains the Candy Mountain Bubble bar and Rock Star soap.
The giveaway will be open for three weeks and is international so none of you feel left out!
Good luck lovelies!

Kelly x

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Sunday, 2 December 2012

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas!

Something a little bit different today. I mentioned on my last post that I was going to a Victorian Christmas event today which actually happened to be a Tudor one this year. It was so lovely, we had mulled wine and mince pies in the restaurant and then went inside the manor house (it was built in 1280!) to sing some carols and watch a traditional performance by people called 'mummers'. There were also lots of chances to do Christmas crafts.
Here's some photos from the day:

Also our Christmas tree is now up, and I've spent this afternoon decorating. I chose a traditional gold and red theme.

There was also this little gem I found in the bottom of the decorations which I remember making in infant school when I was around 5. Just looking at him makes me laugh!

K x

Saturday, 1 December 2012

New ASOS purchases..

Hello everyone!
Happy December! I don't let myself feel Christmassy until the start of this month, because I think it spoils it a bit if it's so drawn out. But let me tell you I am definitely feeling festive now, after starting a little bit of present shopping, seeing the Christmas lights and having a gingerbread latte. (The only thing missing was opening the first door on my advent calender! I definitely don't think 23 is too old for this, and may just have to buy my own as my parents have obviously forgotten this year!)

Anyway I just thought I'd quickly show you two items that I purchased from Asos a couple of days ago. I've been wanting a new purse for ages and had seen a couple that I liked. But when I saw that this one had been reduced from £17 to £11.50 I snapped it up. It has lots of different card compartments which is really good for me as I seem to have accumulated so many cards recently, and always find myself fumbling through my purse trying to find the right one. I think it's sold out on Asos now but you can still find it on the River Island website here.

I also bought this Kath Kidston purse, which I'm going to use to put make-up items in (lipsticks, nail file, hand cream etc) and then pop in my bag, which will hopefully keep things a bit tidier.

I'm hoping to go to a little country house tomorrow, where they do a real 'Victorian Christmas'. There's always a massive fire, people dress up in traditional costume, sing carols and you can make little Christmas decorations like pomanders. I missed going last year, so I'm really looking forward to it this year. I'll try and take some pictures for you all.

What are you doing this weekend? Anything Christmassy?

Kelly x

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Free glasses from Firmoo!

Hello all!

I know, I know, long time no blog! I do feel really bad for neglecting it for so long, but I have been feeling ill for about the past two and a half weeks and have had absolutely no energy,  the only thing I've wanted to do when I get home from work is go to bed!

Anyway I'm feeling a lot better now, so hopefully lots and lots of blog posts will be coming your way! Oh and thank you lovelies for sticking by me, it means a lot!

So on to the title...

A few weeks ago I received an email from a company called Firmo who specialise in fashionable eye wear -both prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses, asking me if I would like to try out a pair of glasses for them.Of course I would!

After narrowing it down to one pair and filling in my online prescription, (I'm very slightly short-sighted, so I sometimes wear my glasses when driving at night or to watch TV) my lovely new glasses were shipped to me extremely quickly all the way from China. (I know I'm sad but this excited me in itself, I love receiving things from overseas!)

So here they are,  I chose #OK20664S in tortoise shell. I have to be honest from the photographs on the website I didn't realise that they were going to be quite so big, but I have definitely grown to love them as they give that whole 'geek-chic' look. They also make my vision is much clearer, I find myself not wanting to take them off!

The glasses are very good quality, and feel light but sturdy. You all get an amazing amount of extras with your order which are also of fabulous quality. This includes a hard glasses case, a material one, an optical wipe and also an adjusting kit if your glasses don't quite fit your face.

There's plenty of range of the website if your looking for a new pair of glasses, I'm really happy that I have two now as I keep one in the car and the another on my bed side table, so they're always handy. Also (more likely for any southern hemisphere readers reading this at the moment) Firmoo have plenty of fashionable sunglasses for you to choose.

Now for the best part, how would you like to get these glasses or any other on that take your fancy for FREE!?? Well you can just by clicking on the link above! All you have to do is pay for the P&P.

Let me know if you do!

Kelly x