Sunday, 29 December 2013

Accessorising my room...


I thought I do a little post today on a few of the things I've done to brighten up my bedroom recently. I've definitely been inspired by some of the gorgeous rooms I see whilst browsing through tumblr. 
The colour scheme in my room is fairly simple..whites, creams and golds, although my far wall has Chinese inspired paper on it which was here when I moved in and although it doesn't really match, I still like it.

My most recent purchase has been this lampshade which I purchased from Wilkinsons. I really liked the chandelier design with the dangling crystals and thought it added a bit more sparkle to my room.

I also fancied making my room a tad cosier, as I have wooden floors which can be a little cold on bare feet at this time of year! So I bought myself a cream faux sheepskin rug. It's so soft and yeah sometimes I just lay on it and stroke it...

I also bought these white rose lights and wasn't sure where to put them at first, but I think that they look really pretty wrapped around the end of my bed. What do you think?

And lastly I've had these two photo frames sitting around on my window sill for over a year completely empty. I could never find a photograph small enough to fit in them. 
Then a few weeks ago I was having a clear out and found an old calender of Mucha paintings from last year and decided to cut out a few of the selection prints they show on the back. They don't quite fit perfectly but they look prettier than standing empty.

Oops almost forgot one thing that I wanted to show you. It's my £1.50 led flashing stag! I can't lie...I really like it and find it quite mesmerising. It looks pretty evil when it turns red though..devil stag!

Hope you like..and a big *THANK YOU* to all my followers for sticking by me. It means a lot.

Kelly x