Sunday, 2 December 2012

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas!

Something a little bit different today. I mentioned on my last post that I was going to a Victorian Christmas event today which actually happened to be a Tudor one this year. It was so lovely, we had mulled wine and mince pies in the restaurant and then went inside the manor house (it was built in 1280!) to sing some carols and watch a traditional performance by people called 'mummers'. There were also lots of chances to do Christmas crafts.
Here's some photos from the day:

Also our Christmas tree is now up, and I've spent this afternoon decorating. I chose a traditional gold and red theme.

There was also this little gem I found in the bottom of the decorations which I remember making in infant school when I was around 5. Just looking at him makes me laugh!

K x


  1. I love this posttttttttttttttt!:)
    A new look(:(:(:

    Kisses, RACHEL

  2. You are right...everything start to smell to Christmas.

  3. Thanks for commenting my blog hun! This looks so exciting, I love anything and everything Christmassy at this time of year - definitely time to start feeling festive! Would love to attend something like this!

    Love your blog, following you now, thanks for visiting mine xx

  4. amazing blog!!! i follow you now ;)
    i would love to follow me back because I really love your blog!!

  5. I love your blog pop over to mine sometime :)

  6. I love this post, so festive! Looks like a great day out.
    Elise x

  7. Looks like you had fun :)

  8. Hey I tagged you in the blogger tag pop over to my blog to see it <3

  9. love your trench coat..


  10. Aww sounds like a perfect christmassy day and you look so pretty in these photos! X


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