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Saturday, 1 December 2012

New ASOS purchases..

Hello everyone!
Happy December! I don't let myself feel Christmassy until the start of this month, because I think it spoils it a bit if it's so drawn out. But let me tell you I am definitely feeling festive now, after starting a little bit of present shopping, seeing the Christmas lights and having a gingerbread latte. (The only thing missing was opening the first door on my advent calender! I definitely don't think 23 is too old for this, and may just have to buy my own as my parents have obviously forgotten this year!)

Anyway I just thought I'd quickly show you two items that I purchased from Asos a couple of days ago. I've been wanting a new purse for ages and had seen a couple that I liked. But when I saw that this one had been reduced from £17 to £11.50 I snapped it up. It has lots of different card compartments which is really good for me as I seem to have accumulated so many cards recently, and always find myself fumbling through my purse trying to find the right one. I think it's sold out on Asos now but you can still find it on the River Island website here.

I also bought this Kath Kidston purse, which I'm going to use to put make-up items in (lipsticks, nail file, hand cream etc) and then pop in my bag, which will hopefully keep things a bit tidier.

I'm hoping to go to a little country house tomorrow, where they do a real 'Victorian Christmas'. There's always a massive fire, people dress up in traditional costume, sing carols and you can make little Christmas decorations like pomanders. I missed going last year, so I'm really looking forward to it this year. I'll try and take some pictures for you all.

What are you doing this weekend? Anything Christmassy?

Kelly x

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

New make up/jewellery storage drawers..

Just a quick post to show you these bargain storage drawers which I picked up from Wilkinson's for £6!

I have quite a lot of white furniture in my room so they go perfectly, plus I think that they look a lot more expensive than they were!
At the moment I'm using it to store my rings and hair accessories. If you want to pick one up you'll find them in the Christmas gifts section.

K x

Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Body Shop -Cucumber Freshening Water & Raspberry Ripple Bath & Shower Gel

Hello! Today was so windy and rainy the only thing to do was shop. (Like I need an excuse anyway!) So I just thought I'd show you some things I picked up..

The Body Shop had a half price sale on today so I picked up these beauties for £2 each..

The first item I bought was the Cucumber Freshening Water. I've been looking for a new facial toner for a while so I'm hoping that this one will be natural and kind to my skin, I'll keep you posted! Secondly I picked up the Raspberry Ripple Bath & Shower Gel, purely for the scent! I can't wait to use it, it smells so good!

I also picked this up in TK Maxx..
It's called Ultimate Look eyes by e.l.f and it contains 3 eyeshadow pots, 2 applicators, their lengthening & defining mascara in black brown, an eyeshadow brush, false lashes and glue, a brightening eye liner in
brown and a eyeshadow brush. It also gives instructions on the back of the box on how to create the ultimate look, which I shall be trying out. While I was shopping I saw another version with grey and black eye shadows, but I thought this one was perfect because it's the colours I normally wear. All this for £5.99! I was a very happy girly!

What did you get this weekend?

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

My new favourite lipstick...

As much as I love lipsticks, I find that very few colours suit me...dark colours are a no no and as much as I love red lips I think they make me look washed out. However I can wear corals, which I think look perfect for the summer.
This is Sleek's True Colour lipstick in matte papaya punch..

It gives a really nice matt finish and a real pop of colour in just one application that lasts for about 2 hours depending on what you're doing. It also contains vitamin E so doesn't leave your lips feeling dry.
Here's what it looks like on..

I purchased mine from Superdrug but I can't remember the price, (sorry!) I want to say around £6 something though. I'm really impressed with this lipstick and the whole Sleek range in general and will definitely be buying more if I can find the right colours.
Has anyone else tried these, what are your thoughts?
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Three make-up products that I couldn't live without!

….well I could…but you know!
1) HD brows eyebrow kit
I actually received this in a Glossybox and I’m so glad I did! My eyebrows are naturally a dark blonde colour but go even lighter in the summer, and this product is just perfect for adding a little bit of definition and colour. The palette I have is called ‘bombshell’ and it comes with four separate colours ranging from nude (very light blonde), carbon (black), medium blonde to ash blonde and a two ended brush applicator (one straight, one slanted). The consistency of the colours is like a very matt eyeshadow and I tend to stipple the product onto my eyebrows to create a better shape and give a slightly darker colour. I use this everyday, and wouldn’t use anything else.
2) Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation
I’ve stuck to this foundation for about the past two years. Firstly because their definition of fair is actually fair, (I have bought sooo many foundations that say they are fair, and end up looking like I have gravy on my face!) and secondly because it lasts all day. Please let me know if you know of any other good foundations for fair skin, I’m always on the look out!
3) Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat
Best product ever for my dark circles. I have quite stubborn ones and this is the only thing that touches them. It really illuminates the eye area and I also use it to add definiton to my brow bone, nose and cupid’s bow. It is kinda expensive at £25 but I wouldn’t chose any other!