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Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Body Shop -Cucumber Freshening Water & Raspberry Ripple Bath & Shower Gel

Hello! Today was so windy and rainy the only thing to do was shop. (Like I need an excuse anyway!) So I just thought I'd show you some things I picked up..

The Body Shop had a half price sale on today so I picked up these beauties for £2 each..

The first item I bought was the Cucumber Freshening Water. I've been looking for a new facial toner for a while so I'm hoping that this one will be natural and kind to my skin, I'll keep you posted! Secondly I picked up the Raspberry Ripple Bath & Shower Gel, purely for the scent! I can't wait to use it, it smells so good!

I also picked this up in TK Maxx..
It's called Ultimate Look eyes by e.l.f and it contains 3 eyeshadow pots, 2 applicators, their lengthening & defining mascara in black brown, an eyeshadow brush, false lashes and glue, a brightening eye liner in
brown and a eyeshadow brush. It also gives instructions on the back of the box on how to create the ultimate look, which I shall be trying out. While I was shopping I saw another version with grey and black eye shadows, but I thought this one was perfect because it's the colours I normally wear. All this for £5.99! I was a very happy girly!

What did you get this weekend?

Thanks for reading!