Sunday, 1 July 2012

How I store my cosmetics/jewellery...

This is a fairly recent buy that I bought from Amazon, it's still available here... for £11.99. I really like the fact that I can hang it up and all my long necklaces are visible and don't get tangled. I used to store them all in a box where I couldn't see them and would just end up buying more and more, so it's also helped curb my jewellery addiction slightly! It's probably not too clear on the photos, but the wire writing in the top row says 'earrings', then 'bracelets' and lastly 'necklaces'. It didn't come with anything to hang it by so I just threaded through a ribbon and tied it in a bow and hooked it onto a nail.

Next is a small jewellery box that I received as a present a few years ago. I just use it to store my smaller stud earrings in the top compartment and extra dangly ones go in the bottom drawer.

I also received this glass holder as a present, but I think that it's originally from Paperchase and I use it to store bracelets and bangles in.

And lastly for jewellery storage I have this cream wire jewellery tree. It doesn't usually stand on the floor, but lives on my shelf, however there wasn't enough decent light to photograph it there. I just think that it's nice to have all your jewellery on show and that they can create a real focal point in a room. I bought this one in Bentall's department store when I lived in Kingston a few years ago, however I've seen quite a few around recently in TK Maxx and Claire's Accessories.

Now on to cosmetics...

I used to store all my creams, hair products, sprays (basically non-make-up items) on the top of my chest of drawers but they were spread out I had no space for anything else. Then I came across this cupcake stand from Homebase and it is the perfect solution. It has created  much more room (I even have space for a vase now!) and I can access all my products really easily and have even used it to store some of my hair accessories. The only downside to this is that the wire patterns bases on the three different levels can have quite large holes in them so some of the smaller products can fall through, I tend to make sure they will fit but alternatively you could cut some patterned card to shape and place it into the bases.

This is where I store all of my make-up. I have been very good recently at sorting it out and it actually all fits into these three sets of drawers. I bought is one on sale from Dunelm Mill for around £12 I think. I like the fact that I can take the drawers out and take all the products I need up to my mirror. The bag on top is just a gift bag from Benefit that I use to store all my recent purchases that I want to try out.

I hope that I've given you some ideas if you're thinking of re-arranging your room or just trying to de-clutter a bit. Having most things on show and storing them in the same place has really helped me re-evaluate what I've got and has definitely helped me stop spending silly money on items I already had but didn't realise!

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