Saturday, 19 January 2013

Bourjois bargains!

Hi ladies,

Just a quick heads up to all you bargain hunters out there! I discovered in Tesco today that many items on their stand were only £3! Plus one of my favourite mascaras ever (liner effect) was also in the deal. I think it usually retails for around £9.50, so this was a nice little discount. I also picked up the volume glamour mascara and 10 hour sleep effect foundation, (which I'm excited to try out) guessed it, £3 each! I even checked on the little customer scanner beforehand in case they'd made an error!


Definitely head down there if you like a bit of Bourjois!

Kelly x


  1. I've just this minute come in from Tesco and I, for a change, didn't look on the make-up stands! Must not be my day. Great bargains, hun :)

    Laura x

  2. Oh bad luck! Hopefully there will still be some stuff left when you next go! x

  3. You found some great products for such a good price - how am I never that lucky haha! xx

  4. Wow that is a bargin!

    I must go and have a look more often I never go to Tesco haha

    Oliviaaa xx

  5. By the way your blog design is really pretty :)

  6. Bourjois is such a good brand, I like their products so much x

  7. Thanks for the tips!!


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