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Sunday, 16 September 2012

imPRESS Press-on Manicure Review


I recently purchased these press-on nails on an absolute whim, I was in Asda and saw them on the corner of an aisle and decided I had to have them. I think I've only worn false nails about three times in my life so it was quite an unusual purchase for me! 
I mainly decided to get them because:
1) For some reason certain nails just wont seem to grow recently, they've become quite brittle and flaky with exception to my little and ring finger, strange huh!
2) I saw them in the french manicure design and as hard as I try and can NEVER get perfect lines when I attempt this myself with nail varnish, so I thought why not cheat a little bit!

I purchased these for £7, which yes I thought was a little steep, but I suppose curiosity and wanting my nails to look a bit prettier than they actually do got the better of me!

The product is packaged within a big nail varnish bottle which I thought was really cute and within there you get 24 nails with the adhesive strip attached on the back of each, a preparation wipe, and a small nail file.

So here are my rather embarrassing before-hand nails. They look quite dull as I used the preparation wipe, which I guess removes any excess oil to help the nails stick better. You're also advised to wash your hands thoroughly with soap before application.

The next step involved me sorting out the correct sizes for my nails, now I have to say these nails are SHORT, which means you really have to file down your own nail to get a good fit and no visibility. There pack does provide a good range of sizes, however I couldn't find one to perfectly fit my thumb nails, I guess I'm just a bit abnormal and it's rather wide and long!                        

It does advise on the pack to place all your chosen nails in order before application and do your thumb and index finger last, which I would definitely recommend as it can get slightly fiddly! As you can see from the photo below each nail has an adhesive strip attached which you simply peel off and then place on your nail, and make sure you press down firmly. I held my for 30 seconds which seemed to work quite well.

So here is the finished product, I was very 'impressed' with how they turned out! The quality of the nails is really good, very shiny and hard-wearing and the don't feel loose at all. Also the fact that they are short means that certain tasks like texting and undoing buttons aren't a problem! The only downside as you can probably see from the last photo, is that the one on the thumb nail is slightly too small so you can see part of my natural nail.
Would I re-purchase? Yes definitely but I think only for a special occasion as they are a little expensive for my to justify regular use!


Kelly x 

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Myleene Klass Nails Review

I've been wanting to try nail wraps for a long time as a girl that gets very impatient waiting for nail varnishes to dry. I couldn't wait to try out a product that promises zero drying time with no chipping or smudges and will last all week. However..let me tell you now, I was really disappointed!
I chose a vibrant red colour that luckily had 75% off, I believe they usually retail for around £6-£7. You get 24 wraps in a packet that will cover most sizes of finger nails and toe nails and also a nice big nail file (looking back probably the best feature!)
The instructions say to make sure that your nails are clean and free from polish or oil, then chose the correct wrap for the size of your nail. There are a good selection of sizes in the pack and also some extra pieces if one isn't quite a perfect fit. If you've never used nail wraps before the texture feels slightly like vinyl -that's the best way I can describe it.

So far so good...until you try to apply them! As you can see from the photo each wrap has a rounded side which fits to the shape of your cuticle and then you wrap the excess over the top of your nail and file away. I found this a very fiddly and time-consuming process.
'So quick and easy to apply', I wouldn't really call half an hour quick!
Firstly I had difficultly applying the wrap without any creases underneath, whichever way I tried to smooth it another crease would appear somewhere else!
Secondly I found removing the excess a challenge, the instructions say file downwards over the top of the nail to remove. However I just kept filing and my nail was definitely being removed but not the wrap, and even after I successfully managed to remove it, I was left with a raggedy mess at the top of my nail.

Thirdly they didn't even last a whole day! I applied them in the afternoon and had already removed they by bedtime after being so fed up of the peeling from the top and sides and scratching my face. Plus I had more than one person ask me 'Kelly, what's wrong with your nails!?" Not good!

I actually managed to meet Myleene earlier in the year at a launch for these nails wraps, she was so sweet in person and looked gorgeous, but I don't understand how you can fully endorse a product when it is so bad! Wouldn't you make every effort to make the product amazing before you go stamping your name on it? I know I would!

All in all I was very disappointed in these, I'm so glad I didn't pay the full retail price as then I would
have been really annoyed in the poor quality. I'm really hoping that this kind of product is not just a gimmick and I will find a good quality one eventually.

Has anyone else used these? What did you think?

Would love to hear from you! Thanks for reading!