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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Soap & Glory Mighty Mouth lips kit

Another product I bought off Ebay recently is the Soap & Glory Mighty Mouth lips kit. I absolutely love this and it went straight into my make up bag in my handbag after the first use.
I suffer from dry lips especially in the winter, and I find a lot of lipsticks and lip balms irritate my lips more. However I find I only need to apply this once and my lips are set for the day!
This product is essentially three products in one, the black tube is double ended, one side consists of an exfoliating balm, which will rub all the dead skin cells off your lips and create a nice smooth surface. The other side is a smoothing balm which tastes/smells lovely. Then lastly you apply the plumping gloss, yet again it tastes lovely and I always want it lick it all off..haha...but don't because your lips will look beautiful and you'll be good to go!
Unfortunately I don't think many stores stock this product anymore, I've seen the plumping lip gloss on it's own, but I think the best part of this is the exfoliator/balm combo. The only place I've seen it recently is on Ebay, so grab it whilst you can and enjoy beautiful hydrated lips!