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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Cath Kidston Labels & Stickers

I bought these a few weeks ago from Waterstone's and think they're so pretty. I got an email from them telling me I had around £6 on my points card, I didn't even remember I had a card! I'm guessing they all amounted when I was a poor student spending crazy amounts on books. (£45 for one book, for one semester, really!?) So to make up for all that expense I now have these for free! Haha.

It's basically a book of stickers, there's about 30 pages and you get a mix of small round stickers with Cath Kidston floral designs, polka dots and birds, there's also the little rodeo man! Then you get quite a few ones that can be used as gift tags and also for writing addresses on envelopes.
Here's a little something that I decided to do with mine. I felt the handles on my drawers were a little plain so I jazzed them up a bit...
I've only just realised how much the third drawer is sagging, that's because it's soooo full of make-up and beauty products, may need to have a little sort out before it collapses! Haha x