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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Primark AW12 Collection Look Book

Hello! I just stumbled across the Primark Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection on the Look website and thought I'd show you some of my favourites..
There's a lot of sleeveless collared blouses (yay!), blazers, colour blocking, and prints this season, and also a few grunge items like the mock Doc Martens.

Here's what caught my eye...
Primark AW12 Pointed Contrast Wedge, £18Pointed Contrast Wedge, £18
Just so classic and would go with so many outfits, they're quite high but the wedge and the ankle strap would make them easier to walk in (hopefully!)

 Primark AW12 Pink Jacket, £15Pink Jacket, £15
Love the cut and the pop of colour that this would create.

Primark AW12 Studded Slipper, £12Studded Slipper, £12
I love slipper shoes, but I still haven't managed to get my hands on the plain ones from Primark, none of my local stores have them, still searching!

Primark AW12 Metal Tip Top, £6 
Metal Tip Top, £6
I actually bought this yesterday, before I saw the new collection, I just really liked the colour and the collar tips. A bargain for £6!

 Primark AW12 Quilted Faux Fur Bikier JacketQuilted Faux Fur Bikier Jacket, TBC
I really like this but would prefer if they did it in black.

Primark AW12 Houndstooth Print Shorts, £12Houndstooth Print Shorts, £12
High-waisted printed shorts, what's not to love?

And lastly....
 Primark AW12 Metal Bow Box Bag, £38Metal Bow Box Bag, £38
Love the colours and the bow design on this clutch bag, however I'm hoping that the price is a typo and that Primark aren't thinking of a new pricing strategy!

What were your favourite pieces? Would love you hear from you!