Sunday, 21 April 2013

I'm back!

Long time no blog! To be precise it's almost over three months, so a really big apology to the few that may have wondered where I've been.
To be honest I don't have a massive excuse. I think I've just been lacking inspiration recently and having a bit of a mind block. I've also not been shopping a great deal which is very rare occurrence, I think I've just been getting fed up with the cold weather we've been having in the UK of late and it's not been inspiring me to find anything new. (There's only so many jumpers and boots you can buy!) Plus I've recently found out that my job will be finishing in June, so I've been carefully considering the things I buy and not just purchasing things on a whim. But on the plus side I'm hoping that this will allow me to have more time to blog, and not neglect you guys. Now I'm getting back into blogging I've really realised how much I've missed it.

Oh a little up date. I had a massive 6 inches cut off my hair on Friday, after having it long for such a long time I thought it was time for a change and I'm so glad I did. It sounds strange but I actually feel I can do a lot more with my hair at this length, and having a topknot no longer gives me a headache from all that weight! Hope you like it.

I'll be back soon
K xx

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