Sunday, 19 August 2012

Product Review: Collection 2000 lasting colour gel eyeliner

I've been using my previous liquid eyeliner for possibly a little too long, so decided to purchase myself a  brand new one. I've wanted to try a gel eyeliner for a while now so snapped this one up at Tesco where it was on offer at a pound cheaper than usual (£3.99.)

I've been really impressed with it so far, it has a really nice consistency which glides onto the eyelid using the special brush really easily. I'm definitely not the best at keeping my hand steady when applying eyeliner, but as the product is a little thicker I find it less easy to make mistakes.

The product also claims to last 12 hours, and let me tell you, it has stayed on all day with no smudges! Even though  today's been pretty hot and humid! (25°c)

I would definitely buy this product again, they do have some other colours in the range, a gold, brown, purple and teal which I may also try if I'm feeling a bit more adventurous!

Kelly x


  1. I love wearing gel eyeliner in my water line, going to try this when my maybelline one runs out :) x

  2. Oooh this sounds great, being a student I'm always on the prowl for cheap but good quality makeup, will definitely try this out! I'm currently using the GOSH liquid liner and it's dying on me ;) x


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