Saturday, 24 November 2012

Free glasses from Firmoo!

Hello all!

I know, I know, long time no blog! I do feel really bad for neglecting it for so long, but I have been feeling ill for about the past two and a half weeks and have had absolutely no energy,  the only thing I've wanted to do when I get home from work is go to bed!

Anyway I'm feeling a lot better now, so hopefully lots and lots of blog posts will be coming your way! Oh and thank you lovelies for sticking by me, it means a lot!

So on to the title...

A few weeks ago I received an email from a company called Firmo who specialise in fashionable eye wear -both prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses, asking me if I would like to try out a pair of glasses for them.Of course I would!

After narrowing it down to one pair and filling in my online prescription, (I'm very slightly short-sighted, so I sometimes wear my glasses when driving at night or to watch TV) my lovely new glasses were shipped to me extremely quickly all the way from China. (I know I'm sad but this excited me in itself, I love receiving things from overseas!)

So here they are,  I chose #OK20664S in tortoise shell. I have to be honest from the photographs on the website I didn't realise that they were going to be quite so big, but I have definitely grown to love them as they give that whole 'geek-chic' look. They also make my vision is much clearer, I find myself not wanting to take them off!

The glasses are very good quality, and feel light but sturdy. You all get an amazing amount of extras with your order which are also of fabulous quality. This includes a hard glasses case, a material one, an optical wipe and also an adjusting kit if your glasses don't quite fit your face.

There's plenty of range of the website if your looking for a new pair of glasses, I'm really happy that I have two now as I keep one in the car and the another on my bed side table, so they're always handy. Also (more likely for any southern hemisphere readers reading this at the moment) Firmoo have plenty of fashionable sunglasses for you to choose.

Now for the best part, how would you like to get these glasses or any other on that take your fancy for FREE!?? Well you can just by clicking on the link above! All you have to do is pay for the P&P.

Let me know if you do!

Kelly x

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

New make up/jewellery storage drawers..

Just a quick post to show you these bargain storage drawers which I picked up from Wilkinson's for £6!

I have quite a lot of white furniture in my room so they go perfectly, plus I think that they look a lot more expensive than they were!
At the moment I'm using it to store my rings and hair accessories. If you want to pick one up you'll find them in the Christmas gifts section.

K x

Monday, 22 October 2012

Beauty and fashion disasters growing up!

About a week ago I saw a post on Lauren Conrad's blog talking about some of her beauty mishaps as a teen, and it got me thinking (and seriously cringing) about some of the things I used to do and wear as a kid growing up in the nineties and noughties.

So I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane and share some of my fashion and beauty disasters!


Hair mascara
I had a bright blue one of these, and it looked exactly the same as regular mascara. I imagined having these lovely streaks of colour ( yeah bright blue...lovely) but instead it looked like I'd just put paint on my hair, it dried all hard and gloopy and was an absolute nightmare to get out!

Oh I loved crimping! My BaByliss appliance had three separate crimping plates, PLUS a flat one for straightening, which straightened about as much as a circle! I used to crimp all over..even my cool!

'Put some lemon juice in your hair and go and sit out in the sun, it will really lighten your hair' I tried this about three times and it never worked. It just left me with dark blonde really tangled hair.

Make up

Glitter, glitter everywhere! Rolled all over my arms, on my eyeshadow, in my lipgloss, sprayed all over my hair, I LOVED glitter!

I used to wear these on my forehead to school and then sometimes if I was feeling really adventurous, (probably at the weekend) I'd wear two at each corner of my eyes.


Why oh why, surely you only need one or the other!? Needless to say I loved mine and had a beautiful pair of cream ones! 

Oh the shame! I was quite a tomboy growing up and aged around 11 I only really wore sports clothes, and this included some absolute gems. A velvet orange and blue Adidas top, a le coq sportif over the head raincoat, and my pièce de résistance, (I wore this A LOT) my Kappa track suit, with navy bottoms and an acid yellow top! (I know you're well jel!)

Wow, where do I start? I had navy blue platforms which I begged my parents for when the Spice Girls ruled my world.
Black clogs -so impractical when you're a kid and trying to do important stuff like running and they keep slipping off!
See through glitter jelly shoes! Probably my favourite shoes as a girl, before my tomboy phase. Seriously comfy and I felt so grown up with a heel!

So that's just a snippet of my 'not so cool style' growing up!
Please leave a comment with any of your fashion or beauty mishaps, I'm sure there are loads that I've missed and I'd love to hear them and reminisce!

K x

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Next Beauty Event!

Last Wednesday I was kindly invited to my first blogger event hosted by Next. I headed down to London just after midday and after a little shopping and an epic walk trying to find the base of the Shard, (it's not as easy as you might think!) I found my way to the gorgeous Hempel Hotel near Hyde Park.
On arrival we were handed a glass of pink champagne and had a chance to view and try out some of the wonderful beauty and home ware products Next have on offer this Christmas.


This beautiful display showcased the new range of women's fragrances,'The tale of four cities' - beauty products and home ware inspired by the fashion capitals of the world. Including New York, (a white floral fragrance with jasmine) Paris, (jasmine, orchid and warm amber) London, (citrus with a musky base) and Milan (fruity, floral and woody!)

 I was also surprised to discover that Next sell a whole range of well-known perfume ranging from Marc Jacobs to DKNY, -it's a one stop shop!

In addition there were also some lovelies ladies on hand to offer massages, nail painting and even eyebrow threading, ( yes I did! It was my first time, and probably not the wisest thing to do at an event, I quickly had to rush to the toilets and apply extra foundation on all my red bits! Haha) but needless to say the lady did do a great job.
We were also treated to some lovely food, I had some yummy fish and chips with tartar sauce, washed down with a few more glasses of bubbly.
Plus I had the chance to meet lovely bloggers!! Everyone was so friendly and I had an amazing time talking to you all, even if I did have to leave a little early. Shout out to Rebecca, Emma, Kat and the lovely ladies from CSI Beauty Blog!!
And of course not forgetting the lovely Gemma for inviting me!
To top it all off, on leaving we were handed a beautiful goody bag, with some gorgeous products inside.

Thank you Next!


Friday, 19 October 2012

Recent purchases!

Hi all!
I have recently come back from a lovely trip to London (more to follow on the main reason why I was there!), and was so excited to go into the new Tottenham Court Road Primark. I'd heard really great things about it and it definitely didn't disappoint! I have to admit I really dislike the Oxford Street Primark and have never bought anything in there, it just stresses me out, but this store is new and fresh, the interior is really cool, and there are no clothes on the floor! Yay!

Anyway they also had some really good sales! So here's a few things I purchased, it could have been a whole lot more, but in a way my poor feet saved my purse from getting any lighter because they were aching so bad, I just had to stop walking around!

I picked up this lovely black and gold detailed shirt, reduced to £5!
And this pencil skirt for a bargain £7!

I also picked up this lovely gold statement necklace, for £4. I've been looking for one to wear over my knitted jumpers and fell in love with this one.

And lastly I just wanted to show you my new bag, I bought yesterday from a New Look store near my home. I was looking for something functional that would go with almost every outfit I own, and be big enough for all the crap I just have to carry around (just in case!). So this one was perfect and I'm sure I'll get loads of use out of it.


Happy Friday! x

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Free Dior Make up!

Yes I recently got my hands on a lovely freebie from Dior and wanted to share it all with my lovely followers!
Head down to any Boots store with a Dior counter armed with the voucher at the bottom of this post, and you can get your mitts on a lovely mini eyeshadow palette, and two samples of their nude glow foundation! You can also be booked in for a 15 minute consultation to find your perfect shade.
Unfortunately for me the Dior lady wasn't in when I went to pick up my free samples so I couldn't have a consultation, and therefore no foundation. But I did pick up the eyeshadow palette and it is gorgeous! The packaging is really sleek and the pigmentation is really strong, (but I suppose what else can you expect from Dior!?)

Click here for the voucher.

It's valid until the 4th October, however the stock does tend to go down quite fast, so I would try and get there as soon as you can, and I hope you all have a little more luck than me and manage to get them both!

K x

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Topshop collar necklace

Hi all!
I just thought I'd show you a recent bargain from Topshop I found. I LOVE perusing through their jewellery sales and always seem to find something I like. So here is what I bought this time....

I've been looking for a collar necklace for a while and really like the pretty beading on this one. Take a look at their sale if you can, they always seem to have a lot of current pieces reduced.  (This one was £2.50!)

Hope you're all having a good week, it's almost Friday!!

Kelly x